I was 23 when I started in the gun trade at E.C.Ashthorpes in Severn Stoke in 1960. I worked there full time up until the workshop closed in 2004. Chris passed on in 1990 after being at Severn Stoke since 1938. He Taught me the art of resleeving which I still do to this day.

I have been A RFD since 1979 and worked at severn Stoke between 1990 and 2004 as a self employed Gunsmith.Nowadays I work from my Workshop at home in Worcester Where guns are bought to me from across the country from customers I have known for many many years! I still enjoy working on a good English double and indeed this is my favourite work. See my Services Page where I have listed many of the jobs I am asked to do. I work on Purdeys and baikals alike.

Chris Ashthorpe in 1983.He owned the garage at Severn Stoke where he carried out agricultural engineering and sold petrol from the fore-court. It is said that he was the Pioneer in the sleeving of barrels to lengthen the life of an otherwise worn-out or damaged shotgun. This skill was passed on to Graham, who is still sleeving barrels fifty odd years on...




This is a very familiar sight to all Chris Ashthorpe and Graham Banks' customers at Severn Stoke